Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #1

I'm joining in on another meme called Thursday Thirteen! Each Thursday I will blog about some random subject that I hope my readers will find somewhat interesting. ;)

Here are 13 things about me that I know you just are dying to know.

1. I have lived in the same town my whole life, 36 years to be exact.

2. I have wayyy too many gray hairs that I absolutely hate. I'm going to be forced to color my hair religiously I guess.

3. I have a terrible potty mouth. I am really trying to watch my language but habits are hard to break.

4. I love taking pictures, especially of my children.

5. I once had a really hot sports car that I traded in for an Explorer. I will regret that decision until the day I die.

6. I was working towards my Associate Degree in Veterinary Technology and hope to someday earn that degree.

7. I remarried and decided to start another family when my youngest child was 12. I now have 4 kids ages 17-1 and dh and I are seriously considering another in the future.

8. I've had long curly hair for many many years and the last few days I've been wearing it straight. Wow, what a difference!

9. I have pets, lots of them. A dog, 2 cats, a parrot and two huge aquariums full of fish and yes, they often drive me nutty but I love them.

10. What I really wanted to blog about was thirteen things that my husband bought himself this past month cause I'm really ticked off at him for spending money that we shouldn't be spending but I won't be a nag. ;)

11. I love Harley Davidson motorcycles and can't help but to gawk when I see one drive past. I miss the days of riding with a buddy of mine.

12. I've had several piercings but the only ones I currently have are in my ears.

13. I'm a Ben & jerry's addict though I'm very proud of myself, I have kicked the habit for now. ;)

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1 comment:

Karen said...

This seems cool. I don't know if I could think of 13 things every Thursday though. You did a great job!!

I want to see a picture of you with straight hair!!!