Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"How I met my honey!"

How could I have almost forgotten to post my honey story!?

My story isn't very exciting. Basically once Dale and I hooked up one weekend we've been together ever since and that was almost four years ago. Well I guess there is a little more detail than that I suppose so I'll share the short story. ;)

We met for the first time in March at a benefit dinner for a local girl who was killed in a car accident. He was the sound man for the band that played, though I tease him and call him a groupie. ;)

After being married for 14 years and recently divorced I was enjoying, probably a little too much, my new found freedom. After the club closed a group of us went back to my best friend's house to continue the party. Dh was there with a few of his friends and we talked some but I was sort of involved with someone else at the time and he got "offended" as Dale put it when he would talk to me. After that night I didn't see him again until October when the same band played at the bar again. We hung out for most of the night drinking, talking and flirting with one another. I was still in the same relationship (and I use that term loosely) as when Dale and I first met but it was going no where and I knew that, meeting Dale just forced me to move on sooner. That evening my life with Dale began. He came back to my friend's house with us and we danced and played cards and ended up spending the weekend together. I can remember feeling sad when Monday came thinking he was going to go back to his apartment in another town, back to his job and his life and I'd never see him again. Those things did happen but I saw him again, and again and again and it wasn't long before we decided that living apart wasn't what we wanted. Guess you could say we moved pretty fast but it's been truly wonderful.

4 years later we have two beautiful children, have completely remodeled the home I grew up in, are going on our first family vacation and have an absolutely amazing life!

Oh and before I sat down to write this I asked Dale to recall our first night together. He said I bought his drinks all night, got him drunk, took him home and held him captive all weekend. lol

And I'm in love with this man? Yep! :)

I haven't had a chance to read the other stories at this cool blog but once the kiddos are asleep I'm going to make my way through Mr. Linky!


Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

That's a great love story, Amy! I really like the picture of Dale and Dev too. What a pair of cuties!!

Jerinda said...

That is a great story!

Rebecca said...

Yay! I am so glad you posted that. Great story!