Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hi everyone! I am guilty of not updating my blog as I said I would. Working with Brooklyn and her team of therapists and all of her Ds. appointments have been keeping me very busy! Nothing new to report really, we are still pluggin away. We are working on our trip(s) to Boston; I am waiting for a call back from the Brain malformation unit at the hospital. I am hoping that by next week we have an idea about when we can be seen there.

Wanted to share this video of Brooklyn. She is working so hard and is just starting to put some weight on her arms. She also has been pulling her knees up under her a bit, maybe I will have a crawler in a couple of months! Yayyy!


Secret Agent Mama said...

She's doing really well, Amy, or so it looks from the video. I think she'll be up and crawling, in no time!

Jerinda said...

That video makes me smile. She is doing great! I hope you get to Boston soon.

Lee said...

That is just so great! I know you are so proud of her...we all are!! She's going to be all over the place before you know it!! WTG Miss B!!