Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No more shopping!

I am officially done with my Christmas shopping! I have to pick up one or two more things that I can have Dale grab on his way home from work and that is it! Actually, it's a possibility that I will run out of wrapping paper and tags but I can easily just run to Rite Aid or somewhere close by that isn't too busy. Now to find the time to wrap everything. ;) I am finally in the holiday spirit too. I can't wait to spend Christmas Eve with my sister and her family. I am so glad she has moved back home and we are able to spend the holidays together. Christmas day is usually very busy for us but I think this year Dale's mom may come to our house to visit during the day which will be nice. Then late afternoon we will go over to my mother's and have our Christmas together. :) And this is the first year in a long time that we've had a white Christmas! It is snowing out again tonight which is crazy! We've had a ton of snow already this year! Gotta love Maine!

We had our follow up visit today at the neurologists office. Her EEG was normal as was her hearing test. She said she didn't feel that her staring spells were seizures but that they were "how she processes things due to her developmental delays." I told her I had done a lot of reading on the subject and that often times the EEG's can be normal even though they are having seizures. She said that yes that was true but that 90% would have abnormal EEG's and 10% that would have normal ones. Well what if B falls into that 10%? Her pediatrician saw her when she had one and said it looked like a seizure to her, her therapists have seen them, even the tech who did the EEG saw her have one and flashed a strobe light in her face and even then she was unresponsive. I disagree with her but how can I argue the point? As Dale so eloquently put it, "That's why they are Drs. and you aren't. " So I guess I will just voice my concerns when we go to Boston, maybe they will have a different opinion. On a happier note, her therapist is very happy with the progress she has made. She is pushing up on her arms a lot and manages to scoot backwards a bit. She also is reaching for toys with both hands and her movements are much more controlled. She is still falls over when sitting but she is doing ok. I am so proud of her, I know therapy can sometimes be uncomfortable for her and she works so hard during that hour. We start speech therapy too in the next week or two so we will have 3 hour long sessions a week. Ugh! It really stinks but I know we have to do it and soon Dev will be having speech therapy as well. Thank god I am able to stay at home with the kids, I don't know how we'd juggle all these appointments if we both were working.


Kitty said...

Amy it's so great to know she can hear well and that she is making progress in therapy! She is amazing! I'm so glad your in the Christmas spirit and how exciting this is B's first Christmas!

Heather said...

Glad you have family to spend Christmas with this year!
Pshhh about Dale. Men!

Minilegs said...

shopping is done...woot! I'm glad Miss B is getting so much accomplished. I think the hope that it gives will give you strength to push forward. It is a blessing that you can be home with the kids for sure!

Jerinda said...

I am so happy you are in the holiday spirit. I am glad B is doing good in therapy. :)