Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More good news!

Brooklyn had an eye exam today and she has no problems with her vision! She does have Intermittent Exotropia which is a form of Strabismus, in English that means her eyes don't work as a pair, one either turns inwards, outwards etc. while the other eye is straight. He said if her eyes became worse we would discuss surgery to realign the eye muscles. We have an appointment in 6 months. I am so happy to have learned she can see and hear fine, after all the crummy news we have had lately I really needed a bit of good news. 2 more appointments and the regular therapy sessions and then I can try to enjoy the holidays with my family.

And I'm so excited, I had our photo Christmas cards made today and I think they turned out great! Devin was a wild child and I could not get him to sit still for a picture so the ones I took of all four of them together were lousy. Someone either had a goofy look on their face(Cody) or someone else had red eye(Brooklyn). ;) I found a card that had multiple photos so I managed to get all the kiddos in there. I hope everyone likes them!


Jerinda said...

I am so relieved about B's eye appointment and you know I loved the pics. :)

Stephenie said...

I'm so glad that the eye appointment went well! I loved your pics. I thought you got some really good ones!!