Friday, July 4, 2008


I almost didn't go to CVS this week cause there wasn't anything I just HAD to have. I did decide to go though and got some great deals! Here are my scenarios:

Trip #1
Transaction #1

4 bags of Lifesavers- on sale B1G1-$2.19 for 2
2 Coppertone Water Babies-$9.98
- $5 ECB's
- 2 Q's for the lifesavers that were B1G1- made them free!
My total oop was $5.45 but I earned $10 ECB'S

Transaction #2

1 CVS Pantyliner- $.99

1 CVS Cleansing Towelettes-$2.99

1 Physician's Formula mascara-$7.99

-$2 CVS Skincare Q

- $10 ECB that I earned in trans #1

Total oop-$0.00- Earned $9.98 in ECB'S!


2 pks. Stayfree-$8.98

1 CVS Pantyliner-$.99

1 lollipop for two year old- $1.49(not pictured)

2 Sure deodorants-$5.98

1 Ringpop-$1.49 (not pictured)

-$1 Sure Q

-B1G1 Sure Q($2.99)

-B1G1 Stayfree Q($6.49)

-$7.99 ECB

Total was negative so I threw in the ring pops to save the hassle.

Total oop was $1.01- Earned $5.49 in ECB's!

I received an email from CVS with a $4/20 coupon plus I had $3.49 in ECB'S that were going to expire so I headed back for a second trip. They were out of a lot of things so I had to throw in the diapers o bring my total to $20.

Trip #2

1 CVS diapers- clearance for $4.75

2 CVS Pantyliners-$1.98

2 Sure deodorant-$5.98

1 Physician's Formula mascara-$7.99

-$1 Sure Q

-$1 Sure Q

-B1G1 Sure Q($2.99)

-B1G1 Sure Q($2.99)

-$3.49 ECB


Total oop-$5.90-Earned $12.97 ECB'S AND got a coupon for $5/25 and a $.50 ecb for my spring spending!

My total oop was $12.36 BUT I earned $38.94 in ECB'S!!!!!

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Melanie said...

I love deals! You are quite the expert on the CVS deals for sure. I'm glad you are able to do the Ebay thing..I still can't believe people pay for coupons! haha