Saturday, June 21, 2008

A letter to my son


Seems like yesterday when I brought you home from the hospital. I remember being so surprised by your red hair when you were born. I knew there was a chance of you being a red head but since your father and I had dark hair I never dreamed that you would have anything but brown hair. You were so tiny and so perfect. I was in awe, this little person was mine, all mine, to love and care for for many years to come!

You made being a young mom easy. You were always such a happy baby and I loved you so very much. Before I knew it you were walking and then talking and then it was off to preschool. When you were about 3 years old you got your glasses. After months of patching your eye and going from doctor to doctor we finally learned that your eyesight was bad. The first time we took you for a ride in the car with your new glasses you just stared out the window for the longest time. How nice it must have been for you to finally be able to see the world!

The years went by so quickly. I remember your toothless grin after you lost your front teeth. I remember you in your karate class and how proud I was when you achieved your new belts. I remember how sad you were when your best friends, twin boys named Justin and James moved away. I thought my heart would break. I remember your favorite thing in the world was The Power Rangers. I bet you watched their movies hundreds of times.

You did wonderful in school. You always has good report cards and the teachers spoke of what a joy you were to have in their class. Once you entered high school though things began to change. Your social life became your first priority and your grades slipped. Soon after that came smoking pot, smoking cigarettes, a car accident, drinking with friends and cutting class. Eventually you withdrew from school with the promise to earn your diploma through night school.

Today is your 18th birthday. You are no longer the sweet little red haired boy with virgin curls, you are a man. A man who needs to be responsible for himself and make positive choices in his life. We have said some harsh things to one another over the past year or two. I hope you know that my words are said out of frustration, worry and love. It makes me sad to see the road you are paving for yourself. It's going to be a hard one, one I don't want to see you travel down.

There have been many times over the past few years I have wanted to just give up on you but how can I do that, you are my son and I love you. I don't ever want to give up on you cause I know one day you will see the mistakes you are making and you will turn your life around. I pray for that day Cody cause you are smart and you are a good person and you have the potential to make so much of your life. You just have to do it.
Happy Birthday son. I will always, always love you very much.


Rebecca said...

Happy birthday to Cody. I hope his birthday is a happy one...

Hugs to you...

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

That was a great letter, Amy! I hope Cody reads it and takes it to heart.

Hope he had a great birthday!!

Shan Marie said...

Amy, your letter made me cry. That is so heartfelt and meaningful that I hope he does read it and see the reality he has ahead of him. Big hugs to you!!!

Melissa said...

This seriously made me cry reading it. I hope he has seen this. :)