Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm excited!!!

We met with the director for therapeutic riding on Monday to see if we could get Brooklyn enrolled in their program. The meeting went great and I am so excited, not only is B going to ride but so is Devin AND Danyelle is going to volunteer there! Woot! I was afraid that they would say Brooklyn was too young because their website says ages 3 and up but she said the younger the better. I brought up Devin having speech therapy and asked if he would be able to ride and she said "absolutely!" He will love it I think, I can't wait to see the look on his face the first time we set him upon the horse. I can just see his little grin in my mind.

Our first day is this Sunday. I know Kathi said they will start B out on a miniature horse at first to get her accustomed to the movement and the rhythm and eventually she will ride the bigger horse. Not sure about Dev, I think I may ask that he be started out on a smaller horse too just to be safe. I am thrilled though, riding is supposed to be so beneficial in all areas of development for the disabled, I really hope she benefits from this! I will be sure to take a ton of pictures! ;)

I don't think I posted about her eye dr. appointment. She still has Strabismus which basically means her eyes deviate. We have another appointment in October and if they don't correct themselves by then he said to plan on doing surgery on the muscles of her eyes.It makes me cringe just thinking about it but I think the surgery is relatively simple and recovery time is short and painless. I was relieved when he said he didn't recommend patching her eye at this time. I went through that with Cody and it isn't much fun.

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Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

I can't wait to see photos of the 3 kiddos with the horses. I hope Dev and B love the experience!!