Thursday, June 26, 2008

I love CVS!!

I have really been trying to get back into couponing to save us a few pennies here and there. I'm also in the process of switching to cloth diapers for Brooklyn to save us money but that is a whole other post. ;) Anyways, part of the trick is having multiple coupons and stocking up on items when there is a good sale. I got lucky and asked my newspaper carrier what he did with all the extra coupon inserts from the Sunday paper (thanks for the suggestion E!) and since he just threw them away I asked if I could have them. For a few weeks now he's been dropping off tons of inserts which has helped me score some great deals! Most of my shopping has been done at CVS but I did send Dale to Walmart with a stack of internet printables and his total was $34 and he walked out of there paying $4.00! There are a few sites that I visit on a regular basis to learn about what sales are upcoming and to see what money saving scenarios others are doing. Hot Coupon World is a forum that has some great articles on how to get started using coupons. It also has separate forums for every store imaginable that show the current and upcoming sales, coupon match-ups and money saving (and sometimes money making) deals. A Full Cup is another discussion forum that is similar to HCW. My favorite place to visit is Money Saving Mom's blog! I find reading her site takes much less time since you don't have to go from forum to forum, all the deals are posted on one page and are easy to read through if you are short of time. I also check Taylortown on Wednesday, it lists what coupons are coming out in Sunday's paper so you can match up the coupons with the sales. Freebies 4 Mom is another great blog that posts links to Freebies, big surprise, eh? ;)

I got a great Freebie today that I signed up for at They always have some awesome free stuff and it only takes a minute or two to fill out your information. Today I received a good sized sample of Men body& face lotion,well I should rephrase that and say it was a good sized sample. I made the mistake of leaving my opened mail on the island for little hands to grab while mommy wasn't looking. As always, click on the picture for a better look. ;)

Guess I'm happy it was free. ;)

Here are a few CVS deals.

On Sunday I only went once and did one transaction.

1 Bounty 8 pk.- $5.49

1 Bounty 8 pk. -$5.49

1 Charmin (12 rolls)- $5.99

1 Charmin- $5.99

1 Colgate toothpaste- $2.99 ( you earn $2 ecb's AND I had a $1.50 coupon)

- $1.00 Q off Bounty

- $1.00 Q off Bounty

- $1.00 Q off Charmin

- $1.00 Q off Charmin

- $1.50 Q off Colgate

- $2 ECB'S

- $3.98 ECB'S

My total was $11.47 OOP (Out of pocket) but I earned $12.00 in ECB'S!

On Tuesday I did two transactions:

1 Mega pk. of Pampers- $13.99

1 Colgate Toothpaste- $2.99

1 CVS Band Aid- $1.99 (free after ecb)

1 CVS Aftershave- $2.59 ( money maker after coupon)

1 Pk. Oral swabs (needed them for B)-$3.47

1 Huggies Body Wash- $3.49

- $1.00 Q for Huggies

- $1.50 Q for Colgate

- $2.00 Q for CVS Brand skincare

- $2 ECB's ( from trans. #1)

- $10 ECB's (also from trans. #1)

My total after coupons was $12.75 OOP but I earned $10.00 in ECB's again.

Transaction # 3:

1 Pkg of CVS brand diapers that I noticed were on clearance- $ 4.75

1 Huggies Body Wash- $ 3.49

- $ 1.00 off Huggies

- $ 6.99 ECB's

Spent $.32 and earned $2.00! :)

I did a Dove shampoo deal a few weeks ago. The shampoo was on sale Buy 1 get 1 free and they were $4.99. I had $2.00 off 1 coupons which I was able to use 2 of.

6 shampoo @ $4.99=$29.94

- B1G1= $14.97

- 6 Q's for $2.00=12.00

My total was $2.97 for 6 bottles of shampoo! That is $.49 a piece and I did the deal twice. ;)

My stock pile is slowly growing.


Rebecca said...

I use a few of those sites. I also play the Grocery Game. For the two lists I subscribe to, it's $15 every eight weeks. It is SO. WORTH. IT. If you decide to try it (only $1 for as many lists are available), let me know. I am one referral away from getting 12 free weeks, and I'll give you the right e-mail address to use when you sign up. :)

AnnD said...

Wow! I'm jealous of your stockpile! That's awesome!

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

You always amaze how organzied you are about getting such great deals. I recently stopped buying the Sunday paper because I didn't have time to even clip the coupons. I'm going to check out that blog you suggested though.

marlatiara said...

You are going to *love* cloth diapers! :)