Monday, April 7, 2008

Today Devin had his first speech therapy session. I expected him to be very shy, and he was, but not as bad as I had imagined. The first few appointments are just so he and his therapist can get to know each other and since we are going twice a week I hope he becomes less and less shy as he becomes more comfortable. She had some concerns about him having low tone in his face and asked us to introduce an electric toothbrush to him to stimulate his mouth. He has one and I had forgotten until my sister reminded me today that he kept sticking it down his diaper. lol I have no idea where he would have learned that trick from. Anyways, she suggested we practice blowing bubbles, using a horn and massaging his face, basically the same things we were told to do for Brooklyn. She also was concerned about his constant mouth breathing, though I told her that may be due to him just getting over a cold. She said she would watch him over the next few appointments and we may need to think about having his tonsils and adenoids out. Let's hope not, poor Cody had his removed when he was just a bit older than Dev and it wasn't much fun. I told her that he jargons all day long and she said she'd need to hear him first but it may be that he has trouble with phonics. I am just so glad therapy for him is underway. I want him to talk so badly! He is saying a few new things; he says "choo, choo!" when he sees a train and does many animal sounds. And he says "Sure!" He has been signing "bird" all the time too which is so cute to see. I'm really going to make an effort to learn some more signs, I know I will need to know them for B too so I just have to sit down and memorize them. His therapist suggested a show called Signing Times that kids are supposed to really enjoy. I may look on Ebay for some DVD's.

And Cody's butt is finally healing. At his appointment today the Dr. said it was looking much better and thought we'd only have to change the dressing for a few more weeks. That has become my job, oh joy, but I guess it's better than having to bring him to the doctors every afternoon. I can't believe his surgery was a month ago today and we are still having to tend to his bum. It stinks, hee hee. No seriously, it really does stink. Not his butt, but the wound. It's mean but I hold my breath as I change the gauze, it is really that bad. His Dr. is a hoot though, Cody had gone to church with a girl last Sunday (yes church!) and he was telling Dr.S about it and he laughed and said that Cody was probably praying to god that his butt healed. Was pretty darn funny at the time. lol

Some of you may be wondering how Dany is doing. Seems I don't have much to say about her since she behaves herself for the most part and isn't sick or in therapy. ;) She is doing well in school and brought home her permission slip for classes she's taking next year as a freshman. I can't believe she is going to be in high school, how on earth do the years go by so quickly? I hope she continues to do well in school, I worry since Cody's shenanigans began once he started 9th grade, I really hope she doesn't do the same. She is a social bee, always with a friend or going here or there. She and a few other kids have their own dance group and they have been practicing at the library after school so that has kept her busy and out of trouble. *knock on wood*

No word on the results of B's EEG yet. I was hoping today we would hear something but I kinda figured it wouldn't be until the middle of the week. I know they are probably busy but I'm a worried parent and I want to know what the scan showed. Guess I won't hold my breath waiting for their call, I'll save that for when I'm dealing with Cody's rump. ;)


Karen said...

You made me laugh talking about Cody's tooshie! :P

I'm sure Dani will do fine in high school as long as you keep a tab on who she's hanging out with. She sounds like a smart girl. Maybe she'll sign up for a lot of activities that will help to continue keeping her busy and out of trouble.

It sounds like Dev's first therapy session went well. Do they come to you or do you go to them?

Oh, and it was nice to read an update on all the kids! I don't know how you juggle everything though.

Kitty said...

It was nice to read an update on what is happening with the kids.I was really curious and still am about Dev's speech therapy,especially since I'd like to encourage Griffin to say anything at all at this point lol.Poor Cody-at least it is healing but geeze what a thing to experience! And poor you who has to change the dressing! Keep us updated!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

Oh high school. Scary. My husband adn I are already worried about what this is going ot be like for our Lucy and she is only 6 months.