Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #2

My Thursday Thirteen this week is about all the delicious treats I have given up ( or am making an honest effort to give up, hey I'm only human ;) ) in an effort to lose some weight and be healthier.

1. Ben & Jerry's, my one of many weaknesses. Oatmeal cookie chunk is sinful and New York Super Fudge Chunk is the best cure for a chocolate craving.

2.Chips of any kind. Must force myself to buy the Baked Lays instead of Cape Cod kettle cooked chips. They just ain't the same.

3. My favorite carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. So good, yet so fattening. Maybe someday. :(

4. Burger King. Well I haven't exactly given it up but I do try and choose something with fewer WW points. Tough cause I love the BK Stacker but I survive.

5. McDonald's. See above. : /

6. Sugar in my coffee. I've used Splenda for a long time now and actually don't mind it.

7. Extra cheese on my pizza. I think the cheese is the best part so of course I order EXTRA! Not anymore, just regular old pizza for us. Blah!

8. Smooth and Melty Mints. If you haven't ever tried these morsels, DON'T! They are sooooo good! I had them at my sister's house and found them in the unwrapped candy section of my local grocery store. I can't eat just a few either so I was eating a bag full of them every week. Bad news.

9. Chocolate in any form. I can't say I've totally given it up but I'm trying. ;)

10. My alcoholic drink of choice, Coffee Brandy and milk. I now try and have something with less sugar and calories such as diet soda and rum. I wasn't drinking much though cause I was nursing but I know I can easily fall into the few drinks a week routine if I don't watch myself. ;)

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Christie O. said...

good for you!! it's hard isn't it? i am wanting my moose tracks frozen yogurt SO BAD right now and instead I am eating a body for life bar. oh well. it's for the greater good! happy tt! (you should check out the weightloss extravaganza/slash/giveaway i have going on at my blog!)

Karen said...

That's a long list! Good luck with that. Now you've made me crave Ben&Jerry's and now I want to try those mints!!!

AnnD said...

I'm right there with you on the fast food and chocolate!

Kitty said...

Sounds like your doing great Amy!