Wednesday, April 16, 2008

EEG results

I got a call finally about B's EEG scan. They said her scan was abnormal but it didn't show any seizure activity which is good news I guess, though I am unsure she actually had one. She does have delayed maturation of her EEG pattern and I have no idea what that means. She said the Dr. wants to discuss the results with us so we have an appt on the 30th.

I meant to post about this a few days ago but have been busy.

While at speech therapy with Dev on Monday I met with a therapist who does energy therapy through touch. It really was intriguing and I wish she was able to fit B into her schedule. Anyways, it was really bizarre how she was able to diagnose some of her problems just by touch. Keep in mind she had no prior knowledge of her MRI results and this wasn't a "real" appointment, we just talked at Dev's appt and she said she'd look at her so she wouldn't have access to her records through CDS. So she has B laying on the floor and has both of her hands on either side of her head. She looks at me and says, " Has she had an MRI done because the signals from her corpus callosum aren't as they should be, I suspect that her cc is either missing or underdeveloped." I tell her that yes she in fact has had an MRI and that the images did show her cc to be very thin. Then I told her that the report said she had volume loss on her left hemisphere which she said she knew and could "feel" and then said the grooves in her brain were also larger on that side. Her MRI report said There are prominent sulci (which are the grooves or tunnels in your brain), particularly on the left compared to the right. The corpus callosum is also decreased in thickness throughout its entirety which would be consistent with volume loss in the left hemisphere.

THEN, as we sat there longer she said "36. Has #36 been tested?" I was confused and asked what she meant. She said, "For some reason chromosome 36 keeps coming to my mind."

I am blown away. I mean, do I take her seriously? Maybe run it by our geneticist when we see her in July? I have been thinking about this the past few days and am really curious about that type of therapy and what she said to me.

I also heard from our case worker today and she got a ruturn call from Flying Changes about getting B enrolled in theraputic riding! I am so excited and hope she meets the requirements of the program, I think that would d wonders for her :)


Adelle said...

I hope you get approved for the riding. Sending postive vibes your way. Happy T13!

kay said...

Well, you just reminded me why I love this stage--the messy, selfish, undisciplined teenagers have turned into rather lovely adults and wonderful parents.

Happy TT.

AnnD said...

That therapist sounds like DA BOMB!!! Heck, I want to go to her now!