Thursday, March 6, 2008

Today I planned on blogging about how proud I am about the accomplishments Dale has made in his career and about how wonderful I think he is and after our conversation this morning I'm going to do just that. ;)

I will admit that I was a bit worried about Dale's work ethics in the beginning of our marriage. When we met he was working a half assed job under the table with one of his drinking buddies. When things became serious between us he got a job as a carpenter with a contractor in our town. After working there for a year he was let go. I was pregnant with Dev at the time and worried about how we were going to survive on just my rent check. Weeks went by with no luck and finally he got a job manufacturing log homes. He liked the job but after a year we realized there was no room for advancement and he knew he needed to look elsewhere for work.

My BIL had just retired from the Navy and at the time was working as a human resource manager at Lowe's. He encouraged Dale to apply for a job there, promising to put in a good word for him. Dale applied and was hired, but the position wasn't what we had hoped for. It was only a part time position working in the tools and hardware department but he decided that he'd work his way up once his foot was in the door. During this past year he has been promoted 4 times and is now a commercial sales specialist. In November he took a entry management training program so hopefully he will become a manager of one of the departments before the year is through. My lumberjack, as I used to call him, now gets up in the morning and puts on his khaki pants, his button down shirt and his dress shoes and heads off to work. On Tuesday night he attended our town's planning board meeting to introduce himself and pass out his business cards in hopes that the contractors will bring their business to Lowe's. I think it was then that I thought wow, he has really come far.

Today I realized again how wonderful my husband is. Life has been pretty crazy the last few months and despite all we are up against he still talks about having another baby. Though I wondered how Dale would adjust to being a parent, he has made me proud once again by proving that he is willing to work hard, not only at his job, but at learning his role as a father. I think I'm pretty fortunate that he is my husband.



Anonymous said...

Please let Dale know about:

AnnD said...

It takes a real man to be a great daddy. Dale is one of them!

Kitty said...

I got teary eyed reading this.Your love for him was poured out in every word and it was very touching.He's a good man!

Minilegs said...

that's very sweet! it's always nice to hear when someone loves their mate

Kacey said...

You know, it's moving to see a post about someone so proud of their husband and how much he means to you. That pic with the baby is just wonderful!

thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad I found your blog through the photohunt, I'm going to subscribe to your feed.

Happy weekend.