Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sorry folks, for those that don't know me and don't care and for those that know me and don't care either, ;) I can't think of anything else to blog about today other than my sore boobs. They. are. so. incredibly. sore! I know for most of you that is way TMI but I just have to vent cause Dale just doesn't get it, Devin still insists on jumping on me and elbowing my chest and neither Dany, Cody or B even seem to care. I am on day two of weaning B and I really thought I was going to be fortunate and not suffer with engorgement. Wrong. They are like rocks. Big rocks. I even showed them to Dale this morning and made him touch one ever so slightly and exclaimed "See!" He just winced and said "I'm sorry hun." lol Why is it that women have to endure such discomfort when they choose to stop nursing? That is just wrong I say. I am tempted to try cabbage leaves as some have suggested,and honestly, I have not been able to figure out how cabbage leaves on your breasts would help any but hey, who am I to say otherwise. I can just see me asking Dale to pick up a head of cabbage.

Me: "Honey, could you stop in and pick up some cabbage at Shaw's?"

Dale: "Sure thing, are we having a boiled dinner for supper?

Me: "Ummmm no, we are having tacos."

Dale "Ok, so what is the cabbage for?"

Me: "Ummmmm my boobs."

Dale: Silence.

If they haven't burst by the time he gets home, he's taking a trip to the store. Ow.


Minilegs said...

they're sore when we grow up, they're sore around AF, they're sore when we get pregnant and they're sore when we begin nursing...why can't they NOT be sore when we wean? The woman's "curse" is no fun!

hope you feel better soon!

Kitty said...


AnnD said...

I'm sorry! I didn't get engorged when I weaned since it was such a gradual process with Emma. But, I got uber-engorged the day my milk came in. I literally cried and cried. I used ice..which helped with the pain. I finally pumped just enough to ease the discomfort and it helped so much.