Friday, February 22, 2008

We are making another trip to Boston on Tuesday for an appointment with a geneticist. I was very pleased and surprised they got her in so quickly. I know we won't have any concrete answers as far as what syndrome she has but this is just another step closer to finding that answer I hope. I'm anxious to learn if there are other genetic testing that can be done and if someone, anyone, can piece together her symptoms and possibly have some idea of what may be wrong.

We will be staying at a different hotel this trip because there were no rooms available at the Hampton Inn. And we bought a fancy shmancy GPS Navigation system so we won't get lost again. It was well worth the money if it saves me from having to deal with Dale's charming attitude while we were lost.;) It will be helpful on our way down to the Outer Banks too. If you would have told me I would be traveling back and forth to one of the biggest children's hospitals in the US for treatment for my daughter I never would have believed it. :(


Kitty said...

Do you get to choose a voice on your GPS? They are well worth the money.My parents have one with a woman's voice that they use to travel in their motorhome with.They always end up arguing with my mom saying "are u gonna listen to me or her"the GPS girl always wins ha ha Crossing my fingers -I know it must be reassuring to go to such a good hospital!

secret agent mama said...

Looking forward to update, Amy. Everything's gonna be fine, I know it.. No matter what's up, it's going to be fine, you'll be fine, B will be fine. I still am praying.. ((HUGS))