Saturday, December 8, 2007

I don't know where it comes from but don't you love it when you get the urge to do some major cleaning and organizing? Brooklyn sat in her highchair enjoying some blueberries in her fresh food feeder while I cleaned out the cupboards in the kitchen and scrubed the microwave. A nice clean kitchen is heaven! I would have loved to do some Christmas baking today too but it's early yet and I didn't have the goodies to bake with. I've done some online shopping the past few days and I'm not feeling as grinchy. We are getting our tree tomorrow too and I love the smell of fresh pine. How can you not be excited for Christmas once you have your tree!

I should have updated after B had her EEG on Thursday but it slipped my mind. Her EEG was normal and the second hearing test went well, it confirmed that she can hear just fine! She did have a staring spell right after the electrodes were removed from her head, go figure. The tech flashed a strobe light in her face, clapped her hands, said her name loudly and she never responded. :( She told me to video tape her spells and to bring them in to show the Dr. on the 18th. She guessed he would send us home with a Ambulatory EEG device which will monitor her over a 24 hour period. There has got to be an explanation as to why she's having them, it's been going on for months. After her next Neuro appointment she has her one year well visit on the 21st and then we have a break in Dr. visits until the beginning of January. That will be nice, it will give us some time to enjoy the holidays and the closeness of family.

Devin was evaluated for speech therapy last week and would you believe that they said he also has low tone in his face! WTH? I was talking to Lisa, one of our therapists, and she said it was genetic. Weird. Anyways, he does qualify and we are just waiting to hear when he starts. Other than his speech being delayed he is fine.

And how are the older two you wonder? I know I don't have much to say about either of them lately since I've been pretty depressed about Brooklyn. They are both, well, teenagers.;) Cody is working at McDonald's and will be starting adult ed in Jan. He has seemed to have mellowed out a bit but his attitude and behavior leaves a lot to be desired. Dany has her moments of being too big for her britches but she is generally tolerable. ;) I miss the relationship I once had with them. I don't know if it's because they are teenagers or because I'm remarried or a combination of both. *sigh* I need to be taught how to reconnect with them and that is one of the goals of our counseling.

How cute is Dev? He was hanging out in the laundry basket so Daddy snapped a pic. :)


AnnD said...

I love, love, love those pics of Brooklyn at the top!!! It's good to hear about B's hearing and that you might be on the verge of finding out why she having her "spells." I had a little client that was having some fainting spells and they had her wear a monitor like that for a few days.

Jerinda said...

Yay for B being able to hear! I hope you get more answers soon. I'm glad Devin is getting speech therapy and that nothing else is going on with him.

Yay for more Christmas spirit too!

Lee said...

I'm glad you got good news on Brooklyn's hearing test. And now that you are in the cleaning mood, you wanna run down South and clean some for me? LOL It's great that you're able to get into the Christmas spirit!

Minilegs said...

Dev is very cute in the basket. I am like you, when my house is clean I feel like I can move mountains, haha. I'm glad B has one hurdle down for sure. Keep your chin up

SKePo said...

amazin pic of brooklyn...Good Work