Monday, November 19, 2007

Randomness about my day...

1. It was long.

2. I witnessed a car accident this afternoon and was the one who contacted the police. Thankfully nobody was hurt. Still wondering how in heck she didn't see the huge mini van coming her way?!

3. I called the Neurology office to make sure they received B's referral. Big surprise, they hadn't. Called her PCP again and they claim to have faxed it, twice even. After a bit of attitude, they finally managed to do what they should have done weeks ago the first time I called . Geesh.

4. I waited anxiously by the phone hoping to hear from the geneticist. Nothing. Think I may call tomorrow.

5. I spent another day searching the net for a possible diagnosis for Brooklyn. I swear if I don't have answers soon I will slowly go insane.

6. I got all of my laundry caught up and even managed to put away two baskets of clothes! ;)


Jerinda said...

Yay for the laundry, boo for the other stuff. I hope you hear something soon.

Heather said...