Friday, November 16, 2007

Ho Ho Ho!

My Christmas List

B's health to improve

A really really nice digital camera

New leather coat

A money tree

Bureaus for my bedroom

Curtains for the entire house

A new wardrobe

A miraculous weight loss

Don't want much, do I? ;)


Jerinda said...

I sooo want a new digicam too. A really nice, expesive one. Hopefully Santa hears us. ;)

Melissa said...

I'm with you on the money tree, a new wardrobe, and a miraculous weight loss! lol

Heather said...

Nice wish list. Saw the pic of your carrots and hummus. Always thought hummus was white, that stuff looks atrocious!

Secret Agent Mama said...

I want the first thing for you!!

Minilegs said...

I hope B gets better soon!